INOHA - MY PATH – Becoming who I am. A Spiritual Adventure.

I was raised in English and in German in an international environment. In-between different cultures. Many people think >> oh how cool<< . And yes, you become open minded and internationally thinking. But I found myself lost, too.


Where are my roots?

Where do I really come from?

And who am I?


The world around us tells so many stories and false truths. But what is real and what is an illusion?


At the end of digging in the deepest corners of myself and my life I came to the conclusion that only that counts is what I want to do and whom I want to be. To let go of all. To forgive and to be thankful for all that was and recently is in life. A stormy journey of awakening and consciousness..


What helped me get here?


I started to investigate in all possibilities of life, spirit and the universal laws. I joined classes and I studied tons of books. At one point I understood the message: I only need to connect with my soul, with my higher self to get the answers I was searching for so long. And I am able to receive input through my intuition. On my long path I came across the practice of mindfulness and meditation. That helped me learn to calm down and to listen.


I started changing my whole life turning it into a soulful manner. A soulful lifestyle. Letting go of all that wasn’t me and I didn’t need anymore. And on the other hand, bringing in all things that make me happy, feel joyful and loved. This was a long life journey and complex process with tiny and with big miracles to happen.


I understood:

I need to create my space.

I need to listen.

I need to feel.


In sum, this is soul communication.

This is creation.

This is going the soul´s path.

This is being me.

This is being.


My personal overall advice is: stop searching!


Become still. Listen. Receive!


And empty out your storehouse of unconsciousness and life waste-

in the farest and last corner you will find a miracle door that awaits to be opened ..



My why I am here


This is how I understood my soul´s path and my higher purpose of being a creative soul to inspire people with joy, love and light through my expressive soul art. And further, to teach the practice of meditation and mindfulness.


My husband Ambra and I opened the Soul Café Mallorca to present a place where family, friends and clients can find inspiration and ask for help regarding self healing, higher self communication and mindfulness practice.

Guiding People on their Paths of growing Conscious Awareness.

That´s why Ambra & I are here for.

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Enjoy Life!

💕 Made with love and light. Möge alles in Fülle auch zu dir fließen .. and better! Danke an meine Frau Inoha für ihre liebevolle Unterstützung.💕