Hi, We are Inoha and Ambra.

Creative Souls and Inspirators

We inspire people who wish to communicate with their higher self, unfold their creative power and who have the desire to balance their energy flow in all parts of life.

For many people, the soul is a mystery and there are many misunderstandings about the nature of its existence. However, it is so important because it holds the true treasure of our uniqueness, gifts and abilities. It guards our purpose in life and navigates us through our lives through our intuition. When we perceive and understand our soul and its messages, we are able to dissolve blockages, experience true healing, unfold inner fullness and lead a new happy and lovable life.

About us

Our intention is to inspire people to find their own ways of living a soulful lifestyle.

We want to turn the magic of our soul into an unique experience.


We understand a Soulful Lifestyle as a self-determined way of life in harmony with the soul´s higher purpose, living in energetic balance and expressing joy and creativity.


We believe that the personal soul energy is connected to the universal and cosmic energies. Everything is coupled with each other and exerts influence on each other. Energies and vibrations also interact with each other. That is why a peaceful life with compassion, love and togetherness is so essential.


Everyone can become aware of himself again and understand that he is endowed with the abilities of his clairvoyant senses and the creative powers to lead a fear-free, joyful and self-determined life.


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Boost your Soul Connection. Balance your Energies. Be inspired.

Our Program:

We created the digital Soul Café Mallorca to follow our vocation to connect people closer to the world of the soul in a fresh and modern way that can be experienced and understood.


We want our guests to come together with us and other open-minded people in a warm atmosphere to return home with a powerful zest for life, confidence and a portion of curiosity about the magical possibilities that the soul world has to offer.


With our "Soul Experience Program", everyone should have the opportunity to discover their uniqueness and thus unfold their lives anew. Man learns again what it means to simply live happily and fully.


Whether in a soul talk (Soul Talk), in an energy session (Soul Healing), meditation class (INOHA Meditation) or in deciphering one's own truth and accompanying them on new life paths (Soul Guidance) - the goal is always to give people a motivating and inspiring space where they can discover new perspectives on life and positive joie de vivre.

Ambra´s Soul Talk


Connect to Your Soul


As a medium, I bring you back into contact with your soul and your heart to support you in bringing out hidden things and understanding the messages of your soul.


I open channels so that you can get in touch with your soul and resonate with it to find answers.



I open an energy field for you to


  • Unleash your most powerful self
  • Discover your Life Path
  • Understand your Soul Purpose
  • Reflect answers

Ambra´s Soul Guidance


Create your Soulful Lifestyle


As a guide or mentor, I accompany and motivate you in times of upheaval and during your life changes.


We uncover your blockages and fears and discuss ways and methods on how you can dissolve them.



I inspire you how to

  • Keep calm
  • Gain clarity
  • Realign yourself
  • Get into action
  • and so much more..

Ambra´s Energetic Balancing


Balance Your Energy Flow


The goal ist that body, mind and spirit move seamlessly in harmony with the vital energies of the earth and the cosmos to promote good health and a loving life.



I move energies in order to

  • Clearify,
  • Clean,
  • Balance and
  • Release,

body and spaces.

Inoha´s Meditation


Spiritual Art by Inoha


Step in.

Make Your Choice ..

Start now,

unfolding Your Soulful Lifestyle filled with love, joy and light.


Discover how to live your most authentic self.

Miracles start within you!

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Enjoy Life!

💕 Made with love and light. Möge alles in Fülle auch zu dir fließen .. and better! Danke an meine Frau Inoha für ihre liebevolle Unterstützung.💕